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Feb 27, 2014 7:00am PST
to national fame as a tv game show host has died. >> here's the star of the show and your host, jim lange! >> lange began his radio career in minnesota and moved to san francisco. he became known as the all- night mayer on kgo. he later hosted "the dating game" and "name that tune" on tv. he died at his home in mill valley of a heart attack. >> i was a big fan. loved hip. >>> we'll find out of the remaining 13 contestants will be eliminated on "american idol." ♪ >> san francisco's own mk is one of the singers still in the running. there will be a change in how you can vote for your favorite singer. viewers, you can use google search and facebook, will be able to vote during the show rather than having to wait for it to end. you can watch "american idol" right here on ktvu channel 2. it's on at 8:00 tonight. >>> we haven't even started the regular season but baseball's play of the year may have already been made during the spring training game. the first one between the giants and the as. check this out. wow. check that out. josh reddick went over the wall, liening backwards to tak
Mar 6, 2014 7:00am PST
russian. >>> 7:40. 49ers coach jim harbaugh shows he knows more than football. now, in his usual 49ers gear he gave his pep talk yesterday to basketball players at the university of kansas. look what he did. >> whoa! >> he sank a shot from half-court and made sure you saw him. look at this. right there. he saw it. yep. harbaugh's wife sarah is from kansas city. by the way, that pep talk looks like it worked. the j hawks team easily won 82-57. >> very impressive. >>> 7:40. a man on the run is suing a famous tv anchor in mexico. brian lemis says jorge ramos made him a target of guatemalan crime lords by falsely naming him as a u.s. federal agent. the anchorman writes in his new book that he was the elliott necessary of agents who took down a huge human smuggling ring . he strongly denies he was ever involved in law enforcement. >>> 7:41. the rain is, of course, great news for the state. but one bay area community is finding it exceptionally refreshing. the city that will no longer have to worry about mandatory water rationing. >>> and the battle of the barbie versus mrs. potato hea
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2